About Company

Hardware Tools & Machinery Projects Pvt. Ltd is “AA” Class Registered Contractor in the state of Gujarat and Highest Class Registered Contractor in other states viz. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh in all over the country. The company is primarily engaged in “Design, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Supplying of Hydro Mechanical Work Like Radial Gates, Sluice Gates, Vertical Gates, Stop log Gates & Automatic tilting Gates Rope drum hoist, Hydraulic hoist , Gantry Crane, Screw hoist etc and it’s related components used for regulating water in dams, barrage and canals.”

“Design Manufacturing ,Installation & Commissioning of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System for automation of gates operation as well as monitoring of water level, gate position etc as per“State of Art “modern trend.”


“Civil Engineering with operations in Syphon, Dam Canal Structures, Excavation, Earthwork, Concrete Lining, Pipe line Work, Concrete Conduit, Brick Conduit”


The company aims to be a recognizable, a responsible, a fair and a profitable organization committed for providing quality goods to it’s clients & fulfilling the water & irrigation, electricity requirements of the society at large & thereby performing it’s role in the development of the infrastructure of the country as a whole.