Limbdi Slice-14 civil work

Brief Detail

Constructing Canal Earth work, Lining, Structures & Service Roads for the Distributaries and Minors of Limbdi Branch Canal including Operation and Maintenance for Five Years for LD-19 & TD-1 (Slice-14) (At risk & cost of previous agency.

Major items in brief:

This contract include the works relating to canal delivery system of disty and its minors including canal crossing structures and controlling CR/HR/Escape.

Main Components of the works are:

  • Earthwork in embankment & cutting including compaction of earthwork
  • Cement concrete lining in slope 7.5 cm and in bed 12.5 cm thickness in canal.
  • Construction of structures like canal syphon, drainage syphon, care taking crossing and outlet.
  • Construction of controlling structures HR/CR/Escapes.
  • Service road up to WBM stage.

Approximate Value :  5625.27 Lakh