Chandil Barrage, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Brief Detail

Restoration & completion of fabrication, erection & commissioning of radial gates & stop logs with hoisting mechanism of Chandil Dam on as is where is basis.



  1. Radial Gate of Size : 12.0 x 15.0 Mtr. – 13 Nos.
  2. Sluice Gates

(i) Sluice 4.00 x 3.00 Mtr. – 4 Nos. with Hydraulic Hoist

  • Water Head – 40 Mtr,

(ii) Sluice 4.30 x 3.20 Mtr. – 4 Nos. with Rope Drum Hoist

  • Water Head – 28 Mtr,

(iii) Under Water Work:

Taking out the chocked up gate from closed position ,reparing & lowering after cutting, welding & rectifying etc of old damaged embedded parts.

(iv) Under Water Work:

After repairing ,Cutting, Welding etc under water embedded parts. 1st time installed Emergency Gate for repairing service gate..

  1. Gantry Crane & Stoplogs
  2. Canal Head Power House Intake Gates – Hydraulic Hoist. Emergency Gate – Rope Drum Hoist.
  3. Miscellaneous 12 items viz. earth work, stone paving, dam instruments, control room for instruments, EOT Crane, D.G. Set, lift & compressor repairing etc.
  4. Maintenance & Repair contract for 3 years.

Approximate Value :  1340.64 Lakh